Ugly Man

by Health Problems

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released August 11, 2015

Engineered by Ian Kurtis Crist
Mastered by Will Killingsworth



all rights reserved


Health Problems Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Down Payments
Party tour in the present year
Guided through lofts and stainless houses
a place where the glasses are always kept full
A garden of strangers all of them blushing
Theres fruit on all of the trees
How long can this feel alive
Down Payments on a higher rank
A bigger man for a bigger picture
I’m climbing
Sweet and holy public figure
No one is ever considerate
Nothing is ever good enough
Lying is better than telling the truth
I will never get what I want
Track Name: You're Doing Great
Positive Affirmations
Self awareness
Self development
Conscious efforts
Getting clean
Making progress
Socializing, healthy mindset
You’ve been doing great
Addiction is a terminal cancer
Fermentations reals of death
Seeking comfort
Seeking help
Seeking change
Searching for something
I can’t help it
I’m trying to help it
Making plans
Setting goals
Becoming the outline
You’ve been doping great
Track Name: Seller's Market
I didn’t see you in the absence of your slogan
You were hard to recognize without the advertisements
I didn’t feel the things they were selling in the products
I didn’t want to believe you were commercialized
But love is a revenue feeling
I saw a couple kissing in the grocery store
And wondered if it meant anything more
Than a proper endorsement or a recommendation
For a popular void that will never be filled
Bedroom scare or private time
The service announcement not publicized
We’ve been reading the wrong magazine
Sellers market, prices high
I’ll let scarcity have it’s fashion show
And it’s a goddamn circus
Dressed in all the frills
Track Name: Hidden Language
Inside you’re breathing to shop for housemates
Talking small to take in company
Don’t look at me like you’re going shopping
Half empty humans is all you’ll find
Relationship complex
Serial Monogamy
Where is your sense of self
On the ground begging for security
Track Name: This Group of Idiots
Hot like drama
Every mannerism stylized
Care about class till they’ve got a few in ‘em
Sloshing, and yelling, and stomping around
Bothersome and hard to look away
They’ll let you know when they arrive
Everything that comes out of their mouths
Every word that I hear
No substance
The herd moves like a big stupid idiot
Taking pictures and laughing at them later
There is no social compromise
Every stink that they exhale
Everyone that I see
No Substance
I know this group of idiots
I see them all over town
I can’t tell if they’re dumb or just wasted
No taste
You imbecile
Track Name: How Modest
I met with a very old man in a very new suit
I called him a square and he called me a faggot so we agreed to disagree
Track Name: Streamlined & Dulled
Caught under fluorescence
Completely consumed in a permanent phone call
Dropping every signal
What is my function here
There’s a glitch in my aptitude
Inhibiting me from pleasure and everything thats natural
Income & cancer are the winning options
Just like a checklist, Just as expected
I’m ugly &I’m normal when I do what I’m told
Just like a textbook, black & white
Passing through this orchard of commodity
They’re painting all the dead lawns green
And when you feel you’re dying you can hit the market too
Ignore my weak attempts to try and satisfy my individualism
I forgot I was a trim-cut stencil
No thought doors closed clocks tick no option no reward
Taught to be an even flat line graph
The masses are meat-heads who draw pictures of skulls
Stating they don’t have a hand in this great mistake
Just like turning a blind eye
I’m ugly and I’m normal when I do what I’m told
Just like a checkilst just as expected
And I can’t and I won’t do what I’m told
Just like a textbook, black & white
Track Name: Night Drinker
sleep all alone in bed I’m a night drinker
I spend every day in my head I’m a night drinker
I have cut all my connections
I’m a light sinker, and I’m a night drinker
I swallow every lie every night
I swallow every night with every lie
I remember before I had a taste it was a lot simpler
I remember before I was a waste it was a lot simpler
I remember before I had any problems
It was a lot simpler, now I’m a night drinker
I swallow every lie every night
I swallow every night with all of my lies
Track Name: Ugly Man
Beautiful woman, ugly man
Beautiful man, ugly woman
Beautiful personality, ugly person
Beautiful human, ugly demon
Looking people, reading people
Beautiful skin, ugly scarring
Beautiful hair, ugly gnarls
Everyone looks superficial
Beautiful people, are ugly animals
Seeing people, flashing objects
Only sink skin deep
Tell me what you want me to do
Give me instruction & I’ll show you
Looking people, reading people
Seeing people, flashing objects
Track Name: Good Evening Go Home
I want you like a phantom limb - off my body
I want you like bandage peeling off of my skin
Liquor and love fits like a glove
On the prowl for none of the above
I hate america and how it’s society
Teaches it’s boys to try and be men
Track Name: Fog Machine
Track Name: Conscience
I am your flaws, I am your family
I am your God, I am your enemy
Track Name: No Conversation
Say it
Track Name: Jerk
’ve seen those kids around
Sometimes they come to my house but I always tell ‘em to go home
Goddamn delinquents, thy’ve really got me pissed
They wear their leather jackets, they do the cool guy twist
I’ve had enough of their talking tough it really makes me sick
“Walk down to the corner store. Wait about a half of an hour. You’ll see it all in the youth”
“You idiot kids! You’re all a bunch of jerks” You make me want to scream!”
When you see ‘em tell ‘em to go home
Well I’ve had a enough of their talking tough
Leather jacket dirtbags got it rough
It really makes me sick, it’s really got me pissed
Eat dirt and grow up kid
Track Name: Neon Prejudice
Falling apart for entertainment
Celebration without the sentiment
Contaminating, wasting live
Victimizing on borrowed time
Medication, segregation fueled by toxic inclination
Burn your trash heap, bur your nation
“I’ll take another and throw it away”
This modern age fore modern pain
Is decorated with a chemical food chain
A blooming work of light-up violence, trash on the ground, & neon prejudice
Blatant ignorance like being born and denying the womb
Track Name: A Stuck Horse
Waking life, lacking presence
Drinking until I stink
Ingesting so I don’t think
Peeling eyelids back
Keeping quiet because my thoughts are irrational
Stuffing it down the shoot
The back burner of ill repute
Why stop now it’s in my nature
Why stop now theres always later
I want my cherry on top
Spare no expense at my lack of gratitude
Too distracted to notice the sweet smell of roses
Too caught up to care
Hand to mouth it justifies